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Physics 504

Statistical Mechanics

Academic Year 2012/2013

Spring Semester 2013

Term Papers

Below you will find a list of suggested topics for the Term Paper for this class, Physics 504: Statistical Mechanics. You will also find the relevant bibliography for each topic.

The Statistical Mechanics of polymers.

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Statistical Mechanics of Liquid Crystals

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Kosterlitz-Thouless theory in two-dimensional superfluids, melting and spin systems.
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The superfluid transition in helium
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Non-Equilibrium Statistical Mechanics: Large Deviation Theory

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Lattice Gauge Theories and Phase transitions

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Theory of Spin Glasses.

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Renormalization Group approach to Spin Systems

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The physics of the quark-gluon plasma
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The renormalization group in the theory of critical behavior
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Duality Transformations in Statistical Mechanics
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Quantum Phase Transitions
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Dynamics of Earthquake Faults
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Critical Dynamics of continuous phase transitions:
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Phase Transitions in Quantum Field Theory
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Brain, neural networks, and computation
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Modeling molecular motors
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The Statistical Physics of Money

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Black Hole Entropy

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Juan Maldacena and Andrew Strominger, `` Statistical Entropy of Four-Dimensional Extremal Black Holes", Phys.Rev.Lett. 77 (1996) 428-429

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