Physics 581

Quantum Mechanics II

Spring Semester 2018


Problem Set No. 1 was posted on Friday January 19, 2018. It is due on Friday February 2, 2018, at 5:00 pm CST. Please note that the date on the website was wrong.

The solutions to HW Set 1 were posted on Wednesday February 7.

We will not have lectures on the following dates: Tuesday February 6, Tuesday March 6, Thursday March 8, and Tuesday April 3. The make up lectures will be on Friday February 2, Friday February 23, Friday March 16, and Friday April 6. All make up lectures will be from 4:00 pm till 5:30 pm in Rm 136 Loomis (please note that this is not our usual lecture room!).

Problem Set No. 2 was posted on Friday 2/2/2018. It is due on Friday 2/23/2018 at 5:00 pm.

There was a misprint in question 2 of problem 2. I have corrected the statement of the problem and reposted it. Please see the reposted HW set 2

The notes on coherent states were posted on 2/7/2018.

The lecture notes on Berry phases have been updated

Last updated 2/18/2018